Sydney Escort


Thank you for choosing to make a booking with Erika Myles. Now that we have agreed on a date, time, set duration and service it's time to get this booking locked in with a deposit.

Booking deposits are required to be paid within 30 minutes. Which after this time your spot will become available to the next enquiry. Deposits are non negotiable. No deposit means no booking.

To lock in your booking all I require is a minimum of a $50 deposit.

I offer incentives based on the amount you choose to deposit.

(not available for bookings under 1 hour)

Pay a minimum of a $100 deposit and receive and extra 10 minutes. 

Pay a 50% deposit and receive an extra 15 minutes. 

Pay for your booking in full in advance and receive an extra 20 minutes (minimum 2 hour bookings only)


Options available to make deposits are either via the 'Beem it' app (a quick and easy set up process if you haven’t already downloaded this) to my username of @erikamyles 

Please use the date of your booking as a reference/description

The other option is a 'Prezzee' swap gift card for bookings of an hour or less that can be sent to my email

Both of these options here to choose from are discreet should privacy be of a concern for you. 

I no longer offer direct bank deposits due to privacy and discretion. 

Deposits are non refundable. Should you choose to change your mind and cancel or make any adjustments to the day, time or reduce duration of the booking with more than 2 days notice the deposit is transferable to one other booking time. Should you cancel that next booking the deposit will go towards a cancellation fee. Should you cancel with less than 2 days notice the deposit will be forfeited and allocated as a cancellation fee. 

If for any reason I cancel a booking or a tour I will offer you a full refund or give you the choice to reschedule for my next tour in your city. 

*Please note gentlemen: My reputation is worth far more than running off with your deposit. I pride myself as a reputable provider in this industry and you can clearly see the evidence for yourself in my reviews online. You being previously scammed is not a valid reason for not securing our booking with a deposit.

*Bookings that are cancelled due to covid-19 will be rescheduled for the next possible date.

Once the deposit has cleared I will confirm with you and lock in our play date.

A Love Affair in the Air

Erika Myles

Myle High Club