Over the years I have received some fun and unique gifts that clients have gone out of their way to purchase after getting to know me through face to face meets or my social media. I have also had clients express they wanted to buy a gift however really didn't know what to bring as I don't drink alcohol and I had up till now not had a gift list on my website. While gifts are never expected as part of our meeting I have come to learn through my experience that some gentlemen just can't help but to live by the rule of 'never turn up empty handed'. So rather than turning up with something that may never get used or for the ones that are overwhelmed with indecisiveness of what to bring I have made a list of various gifts that may help should you desire to add a gift our special rendezvous. 

Testimonials - The best gift you could give and a way of saying thank you is to share a testimonial of our time together. These can be submitted to my testimonial page , Dakota Dice and/or  Scarlet Blue

Scented GiftsHako Incense

Candles - Mor Marshmallow

Joe Malone Velvet Rose and Oud

I love soy candles with earthy smells, no sweet smells please.

Lingerie - I adore fine lingerie and it's one of my guilty pleasures in life. Please contact me for correct sizing to match the brand as they all differ slightly.

Sex Toys - Venus - Alia  - GIGI 2

Perfume - Narciso Amarni Si

Tea - T2 tea - French Earl Grey, Buddhas Tears Green Tea, Gorgeous Geisha, China Jasmine or Lemongrass & Ginger

Treats - Koko Black or Haighs milk chocolate 

Toys - Baby Yoda

Gift cards -

As I have just relocated interstate and setting up house all over again gift cards would be really helpful to Ikea, Good Guys or Bunnings.

For my much loved pets that bring so much happiness to my life Petbarn gift cards

Clothing store gift cards : Levi's, Peter Alexander, Witchery