Q: Why do I request deposits?

A: Firslty I ensure prior to any tour going ahead that I have covered the upfront cost through a minimum number of secured bookings with deposits. This ensures that the tour is financially viable and worth my time and effort.

Secondly as this is a job as much I love the time spent with clients in and out of the bedroom its still a job and I like to make sure that I am using my time wisely. No one likes to go to work and find out the days has been cancelled and your not getting paid simply because of a lack of respect and commitment to another persons time.

Last of all there have been many times where I have turned down a booking for a particular day and time for another client who has booked in, only to have that person not turn up. The time available is now only available to clients with the commitment of a deposit. This ensures no ones time is wasted and others aren't missing out for a time waster.

Q: Why do I only accept Beem it and Prezzee swap gift cards as deposits?

A: Discretion and privacy pretty much sums it up. These options are the only ones I have found that provide discretion and privacy for both the sender and receiver. Unfortunately in the past my privacy has been breached through other forms of payment.